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  • Robert Mustard Sensei @ Genryukan Aikido

    On Tuesday, our little club was honoured to play host to none other than Robert Mustard Sensei (7th Dan). We crammed 24 people into the dojo for the 2 hour session. Many of the participants had not met Mustard Sensei before, and were therefore yet to experience his incredible aikido talent, and be treated to his excellent sense […]

  • Robert Mustard Sensei coming to Genryukan Dojo!!!!!!!

    Genryukan students have got seriously lucky here. What a coup for our little dojo! We are pleased to announce confirmation that Robert Mustard Sensei (7th Dan Yoshinkan) is coming to teach at Genryukan Dojo. This special class will be on Tuesday 4th October 2011 from 7pm – 9.30pm (so the day immediately after the regular […]