Relig Oran

Relig Oran
Relig Oran take the traditional songs and tunes from England, Scotland, Brittany, Ireland plus quality home grown material. With innovative and dynamic arrangements they give the music a contemporary and exciting twist. At the same time Relig Oran keep the spirit, drive and depth of the tradition. A respect for the tradition is always at the very heart of Relig Oran’s music, and though there are some exciting detours on the journey, the music is always based on a solid understanding.


Camine is a band from Kent, England.

The music Camine play is firmly rooted in the traditional music of the Celtic nations, songs and tunes from Ireland and Scotland with the occasional foray into European musical traditions. From high-energy jigs and reels to sublime songs, with style and flare, Camine play music both ancient and modern set very much in the contemporary arena. Check out the site for some audio samples and check their gigs.