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  • South Of The River seminar 2013

    The 4th edition of the South Of The River seminar took place this weekend at the SAGA Pavilion in Sandgate, Kent. It was organised by Genryukan Aikido with the invaluable help of Gowaryu Aikido and Hassou Aikido. There was an excellent atmosphere throughout, people having fun practicing.¬†We had the pleasure to have Shaun Hoddy, Paul […]

  • Genryukan is 4 years old!

    The club is 4 years old today! Big thank you to everybody for your help and looking forward to many more sessiosn and learning (and a bit of fun every now and then too). I’ve learned a lot since the club has been going, not only from my colleagues and the great guest instructors who’ve […]

  • South Of The River Seminar 2011

    Genryukan Aikido and Mushin No Shin Aikido are honoured to be jointly hosting the 2011 South Of the River Aikido Seminar. Again we have the wonderful sea views from our venue, the fantastic SAGA Pavilion in Folkestone, and have an exciting programme of Aikido scheduled for the weekend. We are hoping the weekend ticket will […]

  • Koryu Dai Ichi Seminar

    Zen Eikoku Tomiki Aikido Renmei is hosting a Koryu Dai Ichi Seminar under the direction of Shaun Hoddy Sensei 6th Dan Tomiki Aikido, 1st Dan Taiho-Jutsu. Saturday 14th November 2009, from 2:30pm to 5:45pm “My daughter Lisa who lost her battle to cancer on 27th November 2006 has inspired this course. The aim of this […]