Category: Aikido

  • Training at Gowaryu Aikido

    A quick video of a training session at Gowaryu Aikido in Ashford, Kent [youtube]5DN5plWkj7c[/youtube]

  • Will teach aikido for doughnuts…

    Getting ready to get out and distribute leaflets for the new club… Did I mention there’s a new Aikido club in Dover?

  • Tomiki Aikido Katas

    Here are a few videos of me performing some Aikido kata a while ago Randori no kata, with Jim Dempster [youtube]FDvBhnPDnUc[/youtube] Koryu Dai San, with Jim Dempster [youtube]QKt1t_A1ehk[/youtube] Koryu Dai Yon, with Tom Davey [youtube]y3MiuLX7Q3A[/youtube]