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Weapon techniques

April 20, 2013 Comments Off on Weapon techniques By christophe

As done this morning, here is the video of Morihiro Saito doing the full 20 Jo Suburi (of which we quickly saw the first 5):

And for future reference, here is the 31 Jo Kata:

SOTR 2012

October 1, 2012 Comments Off on SOTR 2012 By christophe

SOTR 2012

This weekend, the 3rd edition of the South Of The River seminar took place at the SAGA Pavilion in Sandgate, Kent.

We were lucky to have an excellent line up of instructors: Yoshiomi Inoue, Ken Broome, Shaun Hoddy, Harvey Goodman, Mick Pratt and Danielle Jones. We were also honoured to have a visit from Tetsu Ehara Shihan.

The atmosphere was very friendly as all the students were keen to practice new techniques. The different approaches from the various senseis made this weekend very interesting, whether you were a beginner or an experience practitioner. It really gave everybody something to think about and work on. I wouldn’t know where to start to resume the lessons, so if you missed it this year, look out for the next one!

It was also an excellent opportunity to practice with aikidokas who came all the way from Ireland, Belgium and Holland. Even the juniors had a good time with a tanto taisabaki and open kata competition. I was impressed by their sustained attention and performance.

The whole event was a fundraising event, with all the profits going to SAGA Charity.  We will let you know the results soon.

Anyway, a big thank you to everybody who gave their time and money and made this weekend a successful event.

Pictures are available in the Genryukan Aikido gallery:

Tetsu Ehara Shihan and Yoshiomi Inoue SenseiTetsu Ehara Shihan & Yoshiomi Inoue Sensei

Nidan grading

July 14, 2012 Comments Off on Nidan grading By christophe

Me being awarded my Nidan (2nd Dan) in Tomiki Aikido
by Shaun Hoddy Sensei (6th Dan) in Basildon, Essex, the 14th July 2012

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New mats have arrived.

November 12, 2011 Comments Off on New mats have arrived. By christophe

At last, we have received our new mats!

We now have 48 Shogun Supermats, thanks to a grant from Sport England Small Grants Programme.

We’d like to thank all the people who came to the dojo at 8am, ready to help unloading the mats. It was much appreciated.

After 2 hours wait enjoying a continental breakfast, everybody sprung into action when the delivery vab arrived. The specially made gingerbread “mat biscuits” may have help boost energy (thanks Yvette).  Once the mats unloaded and laid down, we had just enough time for a short inaugural training session.

I would also take the opportunity to thank Richard Scopes from the Dover Bushido Judo Club who let us use their mats for the last 2 years.

View more pics…

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Robert Mustard Sensei @ Genryukan Aikido

October 6, 2011 Comments Off on Robert Mustard Sensei @ Genryukan Aikido By christophe

On Tuesday, our little club was honoured to play host to none other
than Robert Mustard Sensei (7th Dan).

Mustard @ Genryukan

We crammed 24 people into the dojo for the 2 hour session. Many of the participants had not met Mustard Sensei before, and were therefore yet to experience his incredible aikido talent, and be treated to his excellent sense of fun and good humour.
Those who had met and trained with Mustard Sensei before were once again left in awe of his aikido, and with the amazing “aikido enthusiasm” one experiences after his sessions.
A fantastic evening was had by all who attended. Many thanks to all of you, and well done for your willingness to adapt to the differences with Yoshinkan aikido.
We had some club rank promotions to administer, and Mustard Sensei very kindly presented the new belts and certificates. Congratulations to Yvette Marshall and Tony Dowling for achieving their 5th Kyu. Very well deserved.
A massive thank you to Robert Mustard Sensei for the fantastic evening and to Neil Saunders for arranging the visit. Thanks to Mick Mercer, Andrew Medland and Mark Atkinson for travelling down for the evening to train and help coach us.

Gallery – Robert Mustard Sensei @ Genryukan Dover

Mustard Sensei’s club in Cananda – Aikido Yoshinkai Burnaby

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Robert Mustard Sensei coming to Genryukan Dojo!!!!!!!

June 21, 2011 Comments Off on Robert Mustard Sensei coming to Genryukan Dojo!!!!!!! By christophe

Genryukan students have got seriously lucky here. What a coup for our little dojo!

We are pleased to announce confirmation that Robert Mustard Sensei (7th Dan Yoshinkan) is coming to teach at Genryukan Dojo.

This special class will be on Tuesday 4th October 2011 from 7pm – 9.30pm (so the day immediately after the regular class), and is strictly limited to 20 students.

Price for this session is £20 per person.

Places will be filled on a first come first served basis. Once places are filled, we will then operate a wait list in case of drop outs between now and October.

Mustard Sensei

For close to 10 years Robert Mustard Sensei trained as a student of Soke Gozo Shioda, founder of Yoshinkan Aikido,Takafumi Takeno Sensei, 9th Dan; and Tsutomu Chida Sensei, 8th Dan. In 1991 Mustard Sensei was appointed Itaku Shidoin by Shioda Kancho and remained the Chief Foreign Instructor at the Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo, Tokyo, Japan until he moved back to Canada in 1995.

Today he is recognized worldwide as being among the very best Yoshinkan Aikido practitioners and instructors.

Mustard throwing Phil

If you are interested in attending, contact Phil asap.

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New venue for Genryukan Aikido dojo!!

January 28, 2010 Comments Off on New venue for Genryukan Aikido dojo!! By christophe

I am really pleased to announce that the Genryukan Aikido dojo is moving to a new venue, the Clarendon & Westbury Community Centre. It is located in Belgrave Road, off Folkestone Road in Dover.

Training there will start from the 22nd February, and every Monday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

I must thank Richard Scopes Sensei from Dover Bushido Judo Club who very kindly agreed to lend us their mats. This allows us to move sooner than we hoped for.

Also thanks to the Vista Leisure Centre that allowed us to get started at the first place.

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New badges for Genryukan Aikido

September 10, 2009 Comments Off on New badges for Genryukan Aikido By christophe

Genryukan Logo

Badges have been ordered for my new Aikido club, based on the this original design (left).

They should be dispatched by the end of september… Fingers crossed, they will look awesome!

Just a reminder that Genryukan Aikido holds lessons every mondays at the Dover Leisure Centre.

Our members are mainly beginners, but seen how they are progressing, they will soon need to be promoted so they can shed their white belt.

I must say that so far, I am very pleased with the level demonstrated, and with the support I’ve received to run the club.

So thank you everybody, and special thanks to Phil, Eoin, Tom and Jim!!

Genryukan Aikido

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First training night!

June 23, 2009 Comments Off on First training night! By christophe

Yesterday was the grand opening of Genryukan Aikido and it went pretty well!

It took place in the main hall of the Dover Leisure Centre (Dover, Kent). We were lucky to have an excellent turnout of about 25 people, shame that we had to chase the venue’s staff to get some mats put down!!! I guess you always have to expect some teething problems the first time, it’s just a shame when you are trying to be professional and your first lesson starts in a chaotic fashion.

Despite the noise, having less mats than expected and the high number of participants, we all had a lot of fun. Also, the beginners were very attentive and performed very well, which is very encouraging.

Big thanks go to Jim for helping out and take care of the more experienced members off the mat, while I was dealing with all the beginners on the mat.

Another big thank you goes to the members of Gowaryu Aikido and Katsujinken Aikido who came to support the new club, it made a hell of a difference. It also allowed us to give the new guys a demo of what Aikido is really about, and what they can expect to achieve, from ninindori, to fighting with/against weapon and various katas.

I’m now looking forward to next week and start teaching the new guys in earnest. 🙂

New Aikido club opening in Dover, Kent

June 20, 2009 Comments Off on New Aikido club opening in Dover, Kent By christophe

Koryu Dai Yon

Koryu Dai Yon

I’m opening a new aikido club is opening on Monday 22nd June with the help of Gowaryu & Katsujinken Aikido clubs.

The new club is called “Genryukan” Aikido, Genryukan meaning  “Practical flow”.

We will be training every monday from 22nd June at Dover Leisure Centre.

Training sessions will be from 7:00pm until 9:00pm.
Our club is open to 14 year olds and over.

Beginners are welcome at any time, and the first lesson is free. Try before you buy!

The style of Aikido taught is principly ‘Tomiki’, though Traditional and Yoshinkan styles are also explored during the training sessions.All of the coaches are Nationally Qualified to teach Aikido and hold public liability insurance.