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  • Koryu Dai Ichi Seminar

    Zen Eikoku Tomiki Aikido Renmei is hosting a Koryu Dai Ichi Seminar under the direction of Shaun Hoddy Sensei 6th Dan Tomiki Aikido, 1st Dan Taiho-Jutsu. Saturday 14th November 2009, from 2:30pm to 5:45pm “My daughter Lisa who lost her battle to cancer on 27th November 2006 has inspired this course. The aim of this […]

  • New badges for Genryukan Aikido

    Badges have been ordered for my new Aikido club, based on the this original design (left). They should be dispatched by the end of september… Fingers crossed, they will look awesome! Just a reminder that Genryukan Aikido holds lessons every mondays at the Dover Leisure Centre. Our members are mainly beginners, but seen how they […]

  • First training night!

    Yesterday was the grand opening of Genryukan Aikido and it went pretty well! It took place in the main hall of the Dover Leisure Centre (Dover, Kent). We were lucky to have an excellent turnout of about 25 people, shame that we had to chase the venue’s staff to get some mats put down!!! I […]

  • New Aikido club opening in Dover, Kent

    I’m opening a new aikido club is opening on Monday 22nd June with the help of Gowaryu & Katsujinken Aikido clubs. The new club is called “Genryukan” Aikido, Genryukan meaning  “Practical flow”. We will be training every monday from 22nd June at Dover Leisure Centre. Training sessions will be from 7:00pm until 9:00pm. Our club […]

  • Training at Gowaryu Aikido

    A quick video of a training session at Gowaryu Aikido in Ashford, Kent [youtube]5DN5plWkj7c[/youtube]

  • Will teach aikido for doughnuts…

    Getting ready to get out and distribute leaflets for the new club… Did I mention there’s a new Aikido club in Dover?

  • Tomiki Aikido Katas

    Here are a few videos of me performing some Aikido kata a while ago Randori no kata, with Jim Dempster [youtube]FDvBhnPDnUc[/youtube] Koryu Dai San, with Jim Dempster [youtube]QKt1t_A1ehk[/youtube] Koryu Dai Yon, with Tom Davey [youtube]y3MiuLX7Q3A[/youtube]