About me

I graduated from a french school called “Institut de Génie Informatique et Industriel” (IG2I), which means “Computer Sciences and Industrial Engineering Institute”. It is a 5-year course after A level. For more details, have a look at my CV.

I went to work in the United Kingdom and started as a database developer, but quickly jumped on the Internet wagon. Obviously, I can hardly show you my database work here so I will only focus on the web design side in the portfolio.

The main tools I use are Dreamweaver Ultradev, Microsoft Interdev, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Notepad and a pen and paper. My main skill is using Active Server Pages (VBScript or Javascript), PHP and a database backend such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL.

Since my arrival in the UK, I also started to study Tomiki Aikido.
I’ve gained my black belt in 2007 and I now a 2nd Dan black belt and a instructor. I have been running Genryukan Aikido since 2009 in Dover, Kent.

Out of curiosity and desire to expand my skills, I have obtained a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling skills. My speciality is dealing with stress and anxiety, although I can also help with phobias, stop smoking, and other unwanted behaviours.