First training night!

Yesterday was the grand opening of Genryukan Aikido and it went pretty well!

It took place in the main hall of the Dover Leisure Centre (Dover, Kent). We were lucky to have an excellent turnout of about 25 people, shame that we had to chase the venue’s staff to get some mats put down!!! I guess you always have to expect some teething problems the first time, it’s just a shame when you are trying to be professional and your first lesson starts in a chaotic fashion.

Despite the noise, having less mats than expected and the high number of participants, we all had a lot of fun. Also, the beginners were very attentive and performed very well, which is very encouraging.

Big thanks go to Jim for helping out and take care of the more experienced members off the mat, while I was dealing with all the beginners on the mat.

Another big thank you goes to the members of Gowaryu Aikido and Katsujinken Aikido who came to support the new club, it made a hell of a difference. It also allowed us to give the new guys a demo of what Aikido is really about, and what they can expect to achieve, from ninindori, to fighting with/against weapon and various katas.

I’m now looking forward to next week and start teaching the new guys in earnest. 🙂